DOE School Fencing Project

Eastern Cape, March 2016

Makhetha Development Consultants (Pty) Ltd (Makhetha) was appointed by Department of Education (DOE) to serve as main consultant to oversee project and construction management, inclusive of design, execution and close-out of the 79 Schools Fencing Project. The total Project was awarded to two firms, Makhetha was awarded 6 School Clusters, comprising 37 schools. Two more schools were subsequently added to the project due to savings achieved by Makhetha on the project cost. The schools were divided into 6 clusters in the various municipalities as follows:

  • Cluster 1A- Alfred Nzo District Municipality
  • Cluster 1B- Alfred Nzo District Municipality
  • Cluster 1C- Alfred Nzo District Municipality
  • Cluster 2A- Amathole District Municipality
  • Cluster 4A- Joe Gabi Municipality
  • Cluster 4B- Joe Gabi Municipality

The value of the contract awarded to Makhetha was is R59, 596, 828.89 At a meeting on the 17th February 2016, Makhetha was requested by DOE to conduct a site assessment process to determine the current conditions at each school. This initial scan and site visit was to assess the readiness of the school boards to be involved in the projects, potential labour pool and technical requirements. The process was done and completed and our methodology and approach on construction was informed by the information gathered during this process. Makhetha implemented the project by ensuring that Project management is done throughout the project life cycle. This also included claims and cash-flow management to ensure that the project budget is successfully used during the project.