Waste Management

The company’s involvement as lead Consultant in a Joint Venture of 7 firms for the City of Cape Town’s, R5.7 million, Integrated Waste Minimisation Education and Awareness Project (Waste Wise Project) that involved the training of 72 schools in waste minimisation and recycling programmes, visits to 47559 homes and formation of Waste Minimisation Clubs, and the further involvement in the City of Cape Town Cleanest Town Project as lead consultant has lead to the acquisition and development of specialised skills in the field of Waste Management involving the community and ensuring that the communities will develop the culture of minimisation of Waste and Maximisation of recycling, leading to sustainable waste management programmes.

The company also has experience with the promotion of “Eco-Industrial Parks” within industrial areas and the promotion of Waste Minimisation including integration of all relevant activities.  Special experience has also been gained in minimisation and management of demolition and construction waste as well as the introduction of shopping centre waste reduction and recycling.

The high success rate achieved in Cape Town has lead Makhetha to be able to assist any other municipalities who are in need of programmes to minimise waste generation with the aim of lengthening the life spans of waste dumps and promoting high levels of recycling.