Roads and Stormwater

We have extensive experience in the planning, design and construction of both surfaced and unsurfaced urban and rural roads. Use of SMMEs and direct labour based construction is maximised where possible in the implementation of these projects. Tender documents and specification are written in such a way as to ensure that all components of the work that can be done in a labour intensive way are done that way and strict adherence to the specification is enforced on our construction sites. Roads handled are for all traffic situations.


The company has also developed specialised skills in the identification and sourcing of road materials including the management of the processes for obtaining all the required permits, Environmental Impact Assessments, mining permits, supervision of the mining and subsequent rehabilitation of borrow pits. The company also does design and implementation of storm water management projects. These projects can be linked to other infrastructure development projects such as schools, roads etc or they can be stand alone projects aimed at controlling and attenuating storm water for the protection of existing infrastructure or settlements.